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Dr. Pete runs a christian based all inclusive wellness clinic which focuses on the nervous system and supporting lifestyle modalities to heal the WHOLE body. Our Mission is to change health care policy so that we can relieve unnecessary human suffering, disease and early death through the 5 Essentials of MaxLiving.

Dr. Pete Wurdemann


Dr. Pete Wurdemann, DC. is passionate about families and desires to help them have abundant life here on earth. Dr. Pete runs a busy chiropractic office in North Branch, Minnesota. His mission is to relieve unnecessary human suffering, disease, and early death through the 5 Essentials of MaxLiving: 1. Core Chiropractic 2. Mindset 3. Nutrition 4. Oxygen & Exercise and 5. Minimize Toxins. He seeks to be an advocate for people that have been caught up in the failure of the medical sick-care model and the destructive lifestyles that have taken them into crisis.
Dr. Pete was born and raised in Minnesota as part of a large family where he was fondly referred to as “the stocky one”. Determined to not let that nickname stick, Dr. Pete can often be found on the road running or biking so that he can finish strong. (It’s not about being a strong starter, but a strong finisher!) Well-known as a speaker, Dr. Pete offers advanced workshops on a variety of health topics. Dr. Pete and his lovely wife of 27 years, Lisa, have seven children ranging in age from 25 down to 4.

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